Are You Playing the Whole Game?

We would like to talk to you about our marketing plan. We call it The Whole Game Approach. This approach makes sense to us, but we want to break it down so YOU understand it. In order for us to partner together, we’d like for you to at least have a brief understanding of how and why we do what we do.

Slide VR Marketing

Internet Marketing, Graphic Design, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Remarketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keywords, #Hashtags… Marketing can be overwhelming for the average person. What avenue is best for your business? Where do you put your hard earned money? We are going to be upfront from the get-go: You must play The Whole Game.

It all works together.

To do otherwise is a waste of your time and marketing budget. We will come up with a plan specifically for your business and you can expect a little homework. It is in your best interest to be very active in your marketing. We are a team! We will create the opportunities that allow us to build your success. We believe opportunities are not found, they are created. Success is not a goal that is finally reached, it is something you build and continue to build upon each day. It’s consistency.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Digital Marketing covers every aspect and every screen. SEO is about site structure, optimization – so your site flows quickly and effortlessly, link structure, and keyword rich content.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

With Facebook and Instagram Ads, we can target our marketing based on interests and demographics. Things like: spending and behavior traits, occupation and gender.


Basically, this function shows your ad to people who have already been to your website. It kind of follows them around and doesn’t let them forget about the awesome things they were interested in while they were surfing your page.


PPC (Pay Per Click)

This is an ad that gets seen by tons of people. If your ad receives 500,000 impressions, it could be seen by tens of thousands of people, but you only pay for the ones who are genuinely interested enough to click it. If they click, you may have gained a customer, so it could pay off. If they don’t click, they have at least seen you, and that builds brand recognition. Let’s make sure what they see is memorable!


Website & Graphic Design

Your ads, website, and social pages need to be appealing and make people want to click. Once they do, they are in the webspace that we have made inviting and easy to navigate. We want them to be comfortable and engaged. Your service or goods are things they want, your prices are competitive, and we have made a new customer. Stellar marketing will keep them coming back!

Our Business is Marketing

& Marketing is VERY  Serious Business.

It’s also very competitive. Trust us — You do not want to put your company in the hands of just any marketer. Yes, we just said that. If you’ve been researching marketing, you might have noticed that the information presented on marketing websites is pretty close to the same thing across the board. Marketers are all very savvy and convincing, but very honestly — where you put your money really matters. It doesn’t begin with what marketing avenue you choose, it begins with the actual marketer or marketing firm. We want to be the one you trust with that huge responsibility. Here’s why…

We have done this for a very long time. Through the flux of our own businesses, we have learned how to be exceptional at what we do. We will absolutely go above and beyond to not only make every single marketing dollar count, but we will keep you with us every step of the way. This has to be a partnership. You may have to step outside your comfort zone a little bit because marketing has become personal and people want to know you. We will create an individualized plan for your business and together we will work it. Are you ready?

Our Pricing

How Do You Track Your Results?


Google Analytics

First and foremost, it’s important to be able to track your website’s traffic. With this tool, we can directly see who visits, where they came from, what parts of your website they spent time on, and the source of sales or leads.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is what we use for text, banner, and map ads. Its analytics will also show us what exactly your customers will click on to find your business, and which ad and keyword created your sale or lead.

SEMRush Tools & Reports

Directly comparing your business to its competitors is a perfect way to see how effective your marketing is, where it is working, and most of all, where it needs more improvement.

UTM Links & Tracking

When ever you link to your website, you can use UTM Codes. These codes are tracked via tools like Google Analytics. Wouldn’t it be great to KNOW that the blog post you spent so much time on, actually brought you 50 new users, and 17 sales?
Reviews & Feedback

Reviews & Feedback

Reviews and feedback are often overlooked. We track and make sure we listen to feedback. Your feedback – as to how we are doing as your teammate, your customers direct feedback – as to how they found you or why they came back, and your online reviews, all of it is extremely important. More positive reviews simply means more business, and engaging with your customer over feedback builds trust.

Facebook Pixels

The Facebook Pixel helps track your social media. It can show you how many new visitors to your site came from Facebook & Instagram, your told onsite sales attributed to Facebook & Instagram, and your onsite conversions.

Some of Our Successful Clients

You are Definitely a Rockstar for Reading all of this!

You must be like us — sponges for information. Reading this all the way through means you are just as serious and hard working as we are. We would love to work with you!

One more important reason we want you to know how our marketing works is because we want you to be able to recognize the result when it comes in. Many times if you ask a customer where they heard about you, they might say they found you on Google. So you think… ‘Oh man! We need to throw more money on Google’. Whoa! No… Slow your roll. What actually happened was they saw your ad on facebook and a couple weeks later something made them think of you and they looked you up on Google. Or maybe they saw your banner ad on from the Remarketing we did, and they looked you up on Google to find out a little more about you before they clicked on your website… but they originally saw you somewhere else. These false flag reports happen all the time. We want you to see the bigger picture so you understand what goes into getting your business inside a customer’s head. It takes time and you must play The Whole Game.

We love to work with truly interested and invested people just like you. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Get In Touch!

We are looking forward to starting a project with you!

Feel free to reach out and tell us your story. Let us know where you need help. We will review your information and likely reply with some questions. Once we get your answers and go over everything, we will reach out to you to setup a time to talk.

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