Are You Playing the Whole Game?

We would like to talk to you about our marketing plan. We call it The Whole Game Approach. This approach makes sense to us, but we want to break it down so YOU understand it. In order for us to partner together, we’d like for you to at least have a brief understanding of how and why we do what we do.

Internet Marketing, Graphic Design, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Remarketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keywords, #Hashtags… Marketing can be overwhelming for the average person. What avenue is best for your business? Where do you put your hard earned money? We are going to be upfront from the get-go: You must play The Whole Game.

It all works together.

To do otherwise is a waste of your time and marketing budget. We will come up with a plan specifically for your business and you can expect a little homework. It is in your best interest to be very active in your marketing. We are a team! We will create the opportunities that allow us to build your success. We believe opportunities are not found, they are created. Success is not a goal that is finally reached, it is something you build and continue to build upon each day. It’s consistency.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Digital Marketing covers every aspect and every screen. SEO is about site structure, optimization – so your site flows quickly and effortlessly, link structure, and keyword rich content.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

With Facebook and Instagram Ads, we can target our marketing based on interests and demographics. Things like: spending and behavior traits, occupation and gender.


Basically, this function shows your ad to people who have already been to your website. It kind of follows them around and doesn’t let them forget about the awesome things they were interested in while they were surfing your page.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

This is an ad that gets seen by tons of people. If your ad receives 500,000 impressions, it could be seen by tens of thousands of people, but you only pay for the ones who are genuinely interested enough to click it. If they click, you may have gained a customer, so it could pay off. If they don’t click, they have at least seen you, and that builds brand recognition. Let’s make sure what they see is memorable!

Website & Graphic Design

Your ads, website, and social pages need to be appealing and make people want to click. Once they do, they are in the webspace that we have made inviting and easy to navigate. We want them to be comfortable and engaged. Your service or goods are things they want, your prices are competitive, and we have made a new customer. Stellar marketing will keep them coming back!

Integration & Automation


Growing a business isn’t easy. A lot of times it’s a roller coaster of an experience. You start with an idea – the excitement kicks in! Next, you might even come up with a name. But then what? How do you land your first customers? How do you reach potential clients?

Well, the name of the game is marketing.

It might seem overwhelming if you’re new to marketing. SEO? PPC? UTM? BIT.LY? Why so many abbreviations and how do they even help your business?

We’re here to break it down for you with The Whole Game Approach.

Marketing is like a puzzle. Each piece works together to create the big picture. That big picture is a success in your business.

Where to Start with Marketing

The very foundation of the internet is connectivity and The Whole Game Approach to marketing does just that. This approach sets you up for success by creating multiple connections with your future clients or customers and directing them all back to you.
Like we said above, this approach works like a puzzle. Each piece is vital to the puzzle, and without it, the picture won’t be complete.
The Whole Game Approach to marketing connects your business to its customers in a complete way, with no pieces missing.

1. Get on Social Media

Social media is essential for any business in 2020. It’s a key way to communicate with your customers! Not only does it let you communicate but it gives you invaluable insights into what matters to them, and ultimately what matters to your business. Don’t wait, get started today! Setup profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tik Tok and SnapChat and get to posting!

2. Get Setup On Maps

So what is the point of Maps marketing? In a nutshell it uses the maps functionality to make your business easier to find. Sounds like a win-win? It is! Make sure to set up on all map services like Google, Apple and Yelp.

3. Engage with Facebook Ads

Do you ever wonder if all the Facebook ads you see on your feed are actually effective? In actuality, they can work wonders for your business and for finding new customers. There are billions of people (ahem, potential customers) that use Facebook every. single. day.When we talk about using ads on Facebook, we are not talking about the boost button. We’re referring to the full ad campaign functionality that Facebook offers. Facebook ads have the distinct ability to target your audience with tons of specificity. So what are you waiting for? Setup your ads accounts and get started today!

4. Be Found with Google Ads

Do you want to be one of the top displaying results on a Google Search? Google ads is how you get there. Not only that, but it gives you tons of great data on how customers are coming to your website. So start reaching your customers and run your first ad today!

5. Re-Engage with Retargeting Ads

Did you know you can follow people across the internet? Put ads in front of them as they go from website to website? Retargeting Ads are how you make this happen. With services like Adroll, or using Google Ads your Google Analytics Account, you can easily keep your brand in front of those interested in you. Adroll will even make your first set of ads for FREE. Start your Retargeting Campaign Today!

6. Use That Camera for YouTube Ads

No matter who your customers are, chances are they are probably using Youtube. According to Alexis, YouTube is the second most visited site… on the entire internet. That’s saying something! So break out that camera, create some stellar videos, and connect with your customers in a powerful way!

7. Promote with Powerful Visuals

Your visuals make a statement about your brand, and can engage your customers in impactful ways! That’s why it’s important to promote with powerful visuals that pop. Pick a look and feel that creates consistency across your visuals and helps develop your brand. Looking for inspiration? Pinterest and google are great places to start.

8. Create A Website that Wows

Almost every customer will visit your website at some point. That’s why it’s vital to create a website that wows. Make sure to cover all your bases from visuals, user experience to content. Try to put yourself in your customers shoes. What will be important for them to see? To know? Make your information easy to find and appealing. Check out more inspiration on websites by clicking here!

9. Track Everything

One of the best things about technology? All of the data! Data is available with almost everything we do online. From social media to the clicks on your website, there is a way to track it all. It’s important to tune in to your data to really understand your customers. It will show you what is resonating with them and how they’re taking actions! Use Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics & UTM Links as a place to get started.

10. Start Telling Your Story

Storytelling is one of the best ways to breathe life into your brand and business. So how do you do it? Take action on all the steps above. Being consistent and being present will take your business and your brand to the next level. It’s why we call it The Whole Game Approach.

Reach Your Dream Customers

Dream clients and dream customers. At the end of the day, it’s what every business wants! So how does this get you there? The Whole Game Approach is your ultimate starting point. It works because it helps you communicate effectively with your dream clients and customers.
The Whole Game Approach starts by creating interest in your business. We do this by getting set up properly on social media, and running ads on social media. Then it actively seeks your customers through search ads. After that, it consistently re-engages your customers through retargeting ads. Finally, it connects with your customers through YouTube ads, powerful visuals, and storytelling.

These pieces are what make The Whole Game Approach so successful!